Ranking Europe’s 25 corporate startup stars

Nesta and Startup Europe Partnership are initiating a ranking of Europe’s top 25 corporate startup stars. On their website they state: “Startups and scale-ups are important drivers of innovation and growth in Europe. However, they are also risk-heavy entities that need capital outlays, frequent mentoring, and hands-on support to grow and succeed. On the other hand, large firms are often deficient in the new talent, ideas and agile approaches required to keep up with the fast pace of innovation. In this way, startups and corporates both possess attributes that the other is lacking and would benefit from having access to.” (source)

StartupAmsterdam’s corporate startup network

StartupAmsterdam recognises the importance of corporate-startup collaboration, and so actively includes corporate partners in the StartupAmsterdam programme. 

Our activities include the following:

  1. With our Corporate Partner Programme, we encourage corporates to become more involved by connecting them to initiatives in the startup community that are relevant for their strategic goals. We initiated a collaboration between Rabobank and the Founders Network, for example. The two were a perfect match as Rabobank’s goal is to become more visible and accessible for startups, and Founders Network’s goal is to connect startup entrepreneurs and experts from the industry.

  2. We are building the biggest Launchpad Network in Europe. Corporates agree to act as launching customers, lead users or early adopters and to open up their network in order to help startups grow in the Netherlands, into Europe and beyond. Several events are in place to spark new connections, such as Launchpad Meetups, which will have its great next edition in May 2016.

Nominations for the corporate startup star ranking

Nominations for corporates who are doing extraordinary work in collaborating with startups can be handed in until the 31st of March, 2016. A jury will select the top 25. If you have suggestions about which Amsterdam corporate is truly startup-friendly, or would like to become part of the StartupAmsterdam Corporate Partner Programme and/or of our Launchpad Network, please contact Anja Wesbuer at a.wesbuer @amsterdam.nl.