Amsterdam and data science

On 1 November, the network organisation Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) signed an agreement with scientific publisher Elsevier, aimed at advancing data-science research and education in Amsterdam. ADS and Elsevier will collaborate on several fronts, including research and development, promoting Amsterdam as a data science centre, and developing data science talent.

“The partnership between Elsevier and Amsterdam Data Science is great news for Amsterdam,” said Amsterdam alderperson and deputy mayor Kajsa Ollongren, “as it helps us to further develop the city as a hub in data science and attract international technology talent.”

Having Amsterdam’s leading educational and research institutes working with Elsevier “will boost Amsterdam’s international competitive position and improve the overall data tech climate in the greater Amsterdam metro area,” she said.

HQ for science in Amsterdam

Elsevier, headquartered in Amsterdam, is a leading scientific publisher, with more than 2,500 scientific journals and 35,000 book titles. Amsterdam Data Science is a network organisation initiated by four Amsterdam-based knowledge institutes. These parties will work together on new projects, and will provide work experience for graduate students and post-docs, with specialised Elsevier staff teaching the next generation of data scientists.

“Our company has its roots and its head office in the Netherlands,” said Elsevier vice president Michiel Kolman, “so it’s exciting to collaborate with ADS and local institutions to help develop our home city as a national and international data science hub.”

Amsterdam has a long been a pioneer when it comes to data-science developments. The Amsterdam Science Park, for example, is founded on data-driven research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As the birthplace of the European Internet and the what is now the largest data transport hub in the word (AMS-IX), the park is also making great strides in artificial intelligence.