Amsterdam the Dropbox HQ in the Benelux 

Dropbox has opened an office for the Benelux, based in Amsterdam. It is the online storage company's fourth European office, after London, Dublin and Paris. The company claims more than 400 million users worldwide, including more than 150,000 paying business subscribers.

“Approximately 75% of Dropbox users are outside of the US, and a significant portion of that usage is by European businesses and consumers,” the company said in a blog post. “Benelux is an important part of the world for Dropbox, with some of the highest Dropbox penetration and engagement rates of any region,” the company said. 

It added that about 49% of the internet population in these countries use Dropbox. Their next planned office will be in Hamburg, to serve the German-speaking countries.
Dutch business customers already in place 

Dropbox business customers in the Netherlands already include Nuon, the digital agency TamTam, e-commerce service provider De Nieuwe Zaak, and interactive design company Unitid. Notable business customers in the rest of Europe include Channel 4, Condé Nast Britain, and Boots.

Locally stored data

By using local data storage centres in Europe, where stricter data protection regulations apply than in other regions, Dropbox is keeping a few steps ahead of the new rules. As Dropbox vice president Thomas Hansen told TechWeek Europe, “We have heard loud and clear from business customers in Europe the desire to have data hosted inside of Europe. We’re providing customers with the choice.” 

Amsterdam as cloud-computing hub

Many international companies are choosing Amsterdam for their cloud-based services and data centres. American tech giant Oracle recently opened a large sales office in Amsterdam for their cloud services. Other companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and also provide their services in Europe from dozens of major Dutch datacentres.