Amsterdam electric

At the 29th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition in Montreal (EVS29), the City of Amsterdam won the prestigious E-Visionary Award for the second time. The jury chose Amsterdam because of the city’s continuous and outstanding efforts in developing e-mobility so broadly, from the charging infrastructure to its electric taxis and tourist boats. On 22 June, the award was presented by the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), and was received by the City of Amsterdam’s Art Van der Giessen (project manager for electric vehicles) and Bart Vertelman (charging infrastructure).

The Electric Vehicle Symposium is the world’s largest conference in the field of electric vehicles and has taken place since 1969.

Solid results and ambitious goals

The jury members unanimously awarded the prize to Amsterdam for its long and solid track record of promoting the use of electric vehicles in the city. The city has managed to put an effective charging infrastructure in place, and it has widely promoted the transition to electro-mobility more generally. The jury was also impressed by Amsterdam’s ambitious zero-emission targets, which aim at making the city’s taxis, buses, delivery vehicles, and boats emission-free by 2025. Amsterdam is a world leader in the field, the jury said, and should serve as an example to other cities.

Amsterdam already has more than 2,000 public charging points, which provide more than 2.5 million km of clean transport every month. This transition to cleaner transport will be promoted even more in the years ahead, with the number of electric charging points expected to double (Dutch link) to 4,000 in 2018. Electric vehicles are also eligible for subsidies, and enjoy privileges such as priority ranking for the clean taxis at Amsterdam Central Station.