Flagship Amsterdam incubator in the US

During the Amsterdam cultural mission to New York City, B. Amsterdam announced its plans to open a US flagship incubator – and New York’s first official international incubator – at Brooklyn Navy Yard. B.NY will provide a 9,000-square-metre facility at Brooklyn Navy Yard to European-based businesses wanting to expand in New York, creating 500 jobs in the process. Through the partnership, New York entrepreneurs looking to expand to Europe will have access to B. Amsterdam’s European facilities.

Driving innovation and growth on both sides of the Atlantic

The announcement of B’s new venture was made by Amsterdam deputy mayor Kajsa Ollongren and her New York counterpart Alicia Glen. “B. Amsterdam’s new Navy Yard hub will become a launching pad for new businesses across the five boroughs. The startups and spin-offs that start here will translate into good, living-wage jobs for New Yorkers. We are thrilled our partnership with the city of Amsterdam is driving innovation and growth on both sides of the Atlantic,” said Glen.

Product design, tech and manufacturing

The renovations of what will become B. Amsterdam’s new NYC space are expected to begin early next year. Focusing on product design, hardware and tech companies, at least 15% of the facility will be used for manufacturing. B. Amsterdam joins the Navy Yard during its largest expansion in a generation. “B. Amsterdam’s flagship US site at the Brooklyn Navy Yard will connect the Brooklyn and greater New York business communities with dynamic product design and tech companies across Europe, and foster innovation and collaboration at the Navy Yard. We look forward to working with B. Amsterdam as their startups grow and become significant employers at the Yard,” said David Ehrenberg, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

B in Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ largest incubator, with nearly 30.000 square metres and over 300 businesses across two locations. The incubator focusses on providing real estate and business services (such as legal, tax, human resources etc) for early-stage and growth-stage companies and is a founding member of the Startup City Alliance Europe (SCALE). This network of twelve European capitals brings together European city governments, universities, corporates and startups, aiming to establish a transparent European startup ecosystem in order to help startups scale to the various European markets. 

B. Startup School

With BSSA (B. Startup School Amsterdam), B. Amsterdam also offers young and unemployed talents the opportunity to take control of their own professional future. Hundreds of students have already made use of the nine-month programme, in which they’ve learned the essential skills they need to jumpstart their careers in the startup scene as coders, experience designers, growth hackers and digital content creators. All courses and training programmes are taught by renowned training institutes such as Hyper Island, New York Code + Design Academy, Le Wagon and The Talent Institute. B. Amsterdam will develop a similar educational platform in New York City in collaboration with the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The Amsterdam-New York Partnership

B. Amsterdam’s arrival in New York is the result of a partnership between deputy mayors Alicia Glen of New York and Kajsa Ollongren of Amsterdam, with the goal to boost international expansion opportunities for startups from both cities. The partnership has led to several collaborations between New York and Amsterdam already, including a series of startup bootcamps organised by StartupAmsterdam and NYCEDC: NYC2Amsterdam and Amsterdam2NYC. In May 2016, two US companies, MotaWord and Dynamite Labs, opened in Amsterdam as a result of one of the bootcamps, with support from the Deputy Mayors. These startups are in good company: Netflix, Tesla and Nextdoor have recently opened up their European headquarters in Amsterdam. And Dutch technology startups including Booking.com, 3D Hubs, Shapeways and East Coast Electric have already turned to New York City as a base for their US operations. Currently there are more than 850 Dutch companies in the United States, supporting over 685,000 jobs.

About the Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is owned by the City of New York and managed by the not-for-profit Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC). BNYDC leases space in the Yard, promotes local economic development, develops underutilised areas and oversees modernisation of the Yard’s infrastructure. Established in 1801, the Brooklyn Navy Yard served as one of the preeminent US military facilities for more than 150 years. Today, the Yard is a thriving industrial park with more than 300 businesses that employ over 7,000 people. In 2011, BNYDC opened the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center – an exhibition, visitors and employment centre – at BLDG 92 to celebrate the Yard’s past, present and future and its role as a national model for sustainable urban industry and job creation.

More about B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam was started in 2014 with a mission to build the best possible ecosystem to help its members grow their business. It started with an 18,000-square-metre building, filled with 250 startups, corporates and 950 bright minds. In September 2016, the second building, B.2, opened its doors: 10,300 square metres focused entirely on three fast-growing businesses: HR tech, fintech and the Internet of Things. B. hosts a gym, a cinema, event spaces, meeting rooms and three lounges that serve over 750 lunches on a daily basis, and has over 500,000 visitors a year. The rooftop restaurant Bureau offers dining with a view of Amsterdam. The startup school BSSA teaches 500 un- or underemployed youth a year the skills startups need: growth hacking, coding, experience design and digital content creation. Now it’s time for the next step: New York.