From its Amsterdam base, ING leads in sustainability

ING has been named the world’s most sustainable bank, according to the research firm Sustainalytics. With a score of 86 out of 100, ING got the highest score out of the 395 banks rated this year, up from third place last year. The company also scored high on social issues, such as human rights and diversity.

These ratings are important, as many investors use the Sustainalytics analysis as a basis for their decision making. “It’s like the Olympics: winning a gold medal is one thing, but keeping it is another,” said Leon Wijnands, ING’s global head of sustainability. “You can see it from the elements that are measured. There are so many, which show how important it is to integrate sustainability into all parts of the business,” he said.

ING is one of the world’s leading financial institutions, and has its head office in Amsterdam. Its high score is an acknowledgement of the company’s policies, transparency, and financial results, according to Sustainalytics.

Amsterdam forging ahead in sustainability

It is no surprise that the world’s most sustainable bank is based in Amsterdam. The city consistently ranks high in global rankings of sustainable cities, and Deloitte’s new corporate headquarters in Amsterdam was recently named the most sustainable office building in the world.

Amsterdam consistently strives to become even more sustainable. Efforts are underway to increase the number of households that use locally-generated electricity, and the city is also encouraging the construction industry to build greener properties. Likewise, Amsterdam is improving its air quality by promoting the use of electric transport, while also making its schools greener and healthier. These measures are outlined in the city's Sustainability Agenda.