Amsterdam as a sales HQ

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung will be establishing a European sales headquarters in Amsterdam for its air-conditioning business. The new entity, to be called Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe (SEACE), will begin operations in January 2017. The establishment of a dedicated sales office for air conditioners in Europe is seen by Samsung as a way of solidifying its sales activities. These were previously spread across offices in 17 European countries, and Amsterdam was the natural choice for such a move. The new office comes as part of Samsung’s larger efforts to expand its air conditioning business in the European market.

Retail innovation

Another newcomer is Storefront, which facilitates temporary “pop-up” stores for brands of all sizes. The American company recently opened a new office (Dutch link) in Amsterdam. According to Storefront country director Jort Duijnker, "We now have around 250 locations here, so it is a logical step to officially launch in the Netherlands." Their properties range from complete buildings to shared shelf space, from art galleries to event spaces. Storefront connects landlords with companies that want to introduce audiences to their brand, and previous clients have included Samsung, Google, and Nike. Startups and artists in Amsterdam are also welcome, said Duijnker. "Our strength is that our solution works for everyone, from small startups to major brands," he said.

Cultural Amsterdam a major draw

Beaconmaker, a mobile app company from Sydney Australia, has also opened a new branch office in Amsterdam. Beaconmaker makes a mobile app for self-guided museum tours, and Amsterdam, with its many famous museums, is the perfect location. “The museum market in Europe is very relationship based,” said Beaconmaker’s Peter Chen. “It requires our European team to attend a lot of exhibitions, conferences, and trade fairs to build relationships.”