Growth hacking in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam-based training company Growth Tribe specialises in growth hacking, which means finding the best ways to build and engage the user base of a given business. Growth Tribe has already trained hundreds of employees and will now be expanding its range of training in Amsterdam, with themes such as corporate innovation.

“We have improved our curriculum, and now it’s time to offer our growth hacking training products to a broader audience,” said cofounder Peter van Sabben. “We’re ready for the next 4,000!” The newly announced programs will begin on 14 September.

Last year, Growth Tribe Academy launched Europe’s first growth-hacking programme, in collaboration with Facebook, StartupAmsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. Since then, hundreds of marketers, engineers and product managers have taken training courses at the academy. The Growth Tribe Academy holds workshops to teach the technical skills of growth hacking and also offers courses for entrepreneurs and investors who want to understand and apply growth hacking to their organisations.

Amsterdam’s Marineterrein

In September 2016, the Growth Tribe Academy will open their new location at the Marineterrein Amsterdam. Until 2015, this former military complex was used by the Royal Netherlands Navy. The site is now being developed into a breeding ground for artists and startups, and will be home to many cultural institutions and festivals.

Amsterdam-based companies keen on growth hacking

Workshops have already been given by companies such as Google, Facebook, TheNextWeb and Students also work on growth-hacking projects within existing companies.

“Digital transformation is a big topic on the agendas at corporates,” said Van Sabben. “A lot of people need to be trained to develop a new digital mindset and learn new growth skills. We are the only company in the Netherlands offering a corporate growth hacking course.”