Amsterdam scores high internationally

The survey is conducted to help multinational companies decide how much to pay employees on international assignments. This year’s ranking covers 230 cities from around the world, and takes a number of different factors into account,  such as political stability, crime, banking services, media freedom, medical services, schools and education, sports and leisure, housing, and the environment. The survey also help cities assess the factors that can improve their local quality of life, as this can be an important variable considered by potential employers.

A leading European city

Amsterdam is the only Dutch city to make the list. The survey’s most liveable city in the world is again Vienna, for the seventh year in a row. European cities dominated the list, with seven places in the top ten. "Despite recent security issues, social unrest and concern about the region's economic outlook,” the survey said, “European cities continue to offer some of the world's highest quality of living”.

Amsterdam safe and entrepreneurial

Amsterdam also came in at 16th place in terms of safety in the new Mercer survey. Likewise, a recent report published by The Economist Intelligence Unit also found that Amsterdam is among the safest cities in the world. It ranked fifth on the global index, and second in Europe, also scoring high in terms of personal safety, infrastructure and digital security, business environment, and the level of democracy. Amsterdam also came in at second place in a recent European survey of 35 major EU cities in terms of how well they support digital startups and scale-ups. The city frequently ranks high on these international surveys and reports, for example for its quality of life, innovation, transport, labour pool, and competitiveness.

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