A magnetic city for creatives and industry

Amsterdam has moved up to eighth place in the 2016 Global Power City Index (GPCI), compiled by the Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies.

This annual survey, which was first published in 2008, ranks 42 cities in terms of their attractiveness to creative individuals, and to enterprises from around the world. This year Amsterdam moved up a notch, from ninth place last year. The GPCI is based on 70 criteria that cover cities' economies, research and development, cultural interaction, liveability, environment, and accessibility.

Striking the right balance

"Amsterdam is more and more becoming the global business hub that fits its characteristics,” said Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan, who is quoted in the report. “With over 180 nationalities living in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, it is no wonder that Amsterdammers are known for their tolerance and their ability to speak multiple languages.”

Van der Laan points out that Amsterdam knows how to keep the city workable and liveable. He mentioned its high-quality educational system, efficient infrastructure, a reliable and cooperative government, and a strong focus on innovation. The city’s many canals, museums, and parks help to keep the city an attractive place to live, work and play. These reasons and more explain why the number of international companies and startups that choose to settle in Amsterdam grows every year.

“Amsterdam is working hard on the development of houses and international schools to host the steady growth of (international) inhabitants,” he added.  

High rankings across the board

Amsterdam consistently ranks high on a number of international lists, surveys, and reports. Examples include its high marks on surveys that rank sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, English proficiency, safety and security, transport, competitiveness, efficiency, cost of living, education, environmental quality, and health.