Sharing networks in Amsterdam and Milan

The startup exchange will start in the coming year, helping startups in both cities to anticipate market demand more effectively and thereby achieve rapid growth. In an agreement signed on 3 October 2016, deputy mayor Cristina Tajani of Milan and her Amsterdam counterpart Kajsa Ollongren committed to provide work spaces for startups from the other city and to share networks and offer advice on doing business in Amsterdam and Milan. The collaboration will make it easier for new businesses from Amsterdam to find their feet in Milan, and vice versa. Ollongren said: “Amsterdam has lots of interesting and lively startups. But we need to work together to consolidate the international position of these promising companies within Europe. And if innovative startups from abroad wish to set up shop in Amsterdam, then this not only offers access to a new network and new knowledge, but it can also generate new jobs.”

Amsterdam, Milan, New York and Paris

The Milan agreement is part of Amsterdam’s campaign to connect the Dutch capital with other successful startup cities. The ambition is for Amsterdam to be a place where entrepreneurs can obtain growth capital, where there is a surplus of experienced mentors and where various startup events are organised. Comparable collaborations with the cities of New York and Paris have already been effected; through StartupAmsterdam, the Amsterdam startup scene is working with the municipal government to turn the city into Europe’s most attractive location for young European businesses. Connecting Amsterdam with other startup cities and exchanging promising startups is an important aspect of this programme.