Amsterdam region a hotbed of “green knowledge”

The innovation platform Amsterdam Green Campus was officially launched on 27 January with a kick-off event at Amsterdam Science Park.

The Amsterdam Green Campus (Dutch link) is a platform where researchers, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs will collaborate on innovation in the green sector.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is already home to some of Europe’s most innovative horticultural regions. As such, it
enjoys a global reputation as a centre for “green knowledge”.

Sharing knowledge throughout Amsterdam

With the establishment of the Amsterdam Green Campus, existing knowledge will be spread to encourage more innovation, research, and education, providing an extra competitive boost to meet competition from abroad.

Michel Haring, a professor at the University of Amsterdam, is one of the platform’s initiators. “To maintain the current position,” he said, “requires that innovation and scientific knowledge must be incorporated into education and brought to entrepreneurs at a faster rate”.

“For years”, he added, “knowledge institutions in the green education chain have been unconnected”, but the Amsterdam Green Campus will help to change that situation, as it has been designed from the ground up to share knowledge across a wide range of educational institutions.

Three themes: genetics, environment, and chemistry

The Amsterdam Green Campus will focus on three main themes: green genetics, green environment, and green chemistry. The campus will play a key role in solving current issues such as food security and the quality of life in our expanding cities. An example is the use of green knowledge to combat pests and plagues using biological, rather than chemical means. 

The initiators

The Green Campus is a collaboration between a number of Amsterdam’s leading educational and economic organizations, including the University of Amsterdam, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), Inholland, the Amsterdam Economic Board, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA).