Amsterdam a key player in Dutch-Chinese relations

On 16 January, the Dutch government presented awards to two Chinese companies based in Amsterdam. China Southern Airlines and Huawei Technologies were both honoured for their contributions to cooperation between China and the Netherlands, and for their good practices of social responsibility.

Jeroen Nijland, the Commissioner of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), presented the awards to Pang Yedong, China Southern’s General Manager in the Netherlands, and Wonder Wang, the CEO of Huawei Technologies Netherlands. The awards were given during the annual economic seminar organized by the NFIA and the Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises in the Netherlands (ACIEN, Chinese link).

Connecting Amsterdam to the world 

China Southern Airlines, based at Schiphol, has “literally contributed greatly to the connectivity of people and businesses between China and the Netherlands,” said Nijland, adding that “the company has also been involved in organizing many events that demonstrate its cooperate social responsibility.” Receiving the award, Pang Yedong said that the Netherlands is China Southern’s “gateway for Europe.”

“In 1996,” he said, we chose the Netherlands to be our first intercontinental destination.” Since then, the number of weekly flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has increased from 2 to 22. “The development has gone very fast,” he said.

Strengthening Amsterdam’s knowledge economy 

Nijland also praised an award to Chinese ICT provider Huawei, whose Dutch branch is in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The award was for “strengthening the knowledge structure in the Netherlands” has for “contributing to Dutch society in terms of training, sports, culture, sponsorship, and more,” Nijland said.  Huawei began its Dutch operations in 2005, and now employs 650 people here.  

Amsterdam a key location for Chinese companies

China is one of the major growth countries investing in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In addition to Huawei and China Southern Airlines, leading Chinese companies based here include Lenovo and banks such as ICBC and CCB.