Amsterdam a city rich in events

The San Francisco-based technology company Eventbrite, which helps organisers to create, promote, and sell tickets for their events, has opened an office in Amsterdam. After Ireland, Germany and England, the Netherlands is the fourth European country where Eventbrite will have a local office. The company will initially employ a small team of three people in Amsterdam.

Eventbrite’s platform lets organisers manage their events, from online registration to ticket distribution and payment processing. They also have an app that lets users discover events nearby: in Amsterdam, there are currently about 1,200 live events scheduled.

Established in 2006, Eventbrite now employs about 500 people worldwide. They have sold about 200 million tickets so far, about half of those in 2015, and currently process about 2 million tickets per week.

Amsterdam’s music industries a main draw 

Eventbrite already has a localised website for the Dutch market, which has so far mainly been used for technology-related events. About 3,000 live events have been organised to date.

But the Netherlands’ large festival and music industries are what convinced Eventbrite to set up shop in Amsterdam. According to Elsita Meyer-Brandt, Eventbrite’s director of global expansion, some markets require more personal and local contact. “We have learned from other markets that is important to offer local support,” she told the Dutch tech site Emerce. “For organisers such as music concerts, this is especially important." 

Amsterdam often first with new concepts

As Eventbrite’s head of business development Peter-Joost Post said, “Many international concepts originate in the Netherlands, and that’s why we want to be here.” Eventbrite is already in discussions with local organisers about large-scale events, but Post pointed out that Eventbrite is meant for all kinds of events, and not only music and technology gatherings.