Expats welcome

On October 3rd, the Mayor of Almere Franc Weerwind welcomed the 200,000th resident to the city. That honour (Dutch link) fell to the 10-year Tvesha Chauhan, originally from India. Her father is an expat who works as a software manager at Accenture in Amsterdam. That the city could grow so quickly is especially remarkable considering that the first homes in Almere were only completed in 1976. In the 40 years that Almere has existed, there has been a steady growth in the number of inhabitants. In 2001, its population  reached 150,000, in 2005 the counter stood at 175,000, and the city has now reached the milestone of 200,000 inhabitants, making Almere the eighth-largest city in the Netherlands. Almere is expected to continue to grow to 350,000 inhabitants, which would make it the country’s 5th-largest city.

Almere popular with foreign companies

In fact, Almere is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, and for Tvesha to be the daughter of an Almere-based expat is no coincidence. There are already more than 250 international companies operating in Almere, and that number is increasing quickly: the city has an abundance of space available to accommodate both residential and commercial properties. The city also offers a pool of talented and qualified people. Foreign companies already based in Flevoland, the province where Almere is located, include Mitsubishi-Caterpillar, LG Electronics, IBM, Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Staples, Giant, and Yakult.

Barely 30 minutes away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Almere is an increasingly popular place to live, and is known for its comfortable, spacious and affordable homes. With its many green spaces and vibrant downtown area, Almere offers an exceptionally high quality of life. It also offers (international) schools with no waiting lists, as well as many shopping, healthcare, and leisure facilities.