The New York-based tech firm opened its European Headquarters in Amsterdam in March 2015, after establishing offices in other European cities such as Paris, London, and Dublin. Advise Technologies currently has a staff of 10 employees in Amsterdam and a target of 50 employees by the end of 2016. 

The company recently moved into a new office in Amsterdam to accommodate the expansion. The larger space provides Advise with an opportunity to grow its regulatory and engineering teams while working closely with local clients and regulators.

Roger van Elderen, business development manager for Advise Technologies, said of the expansion: “It’s exciting to be in a rapidly growing, innovative company with intuitive products and a strong global client base.”

Connection to continental Europe

Advise’s Amsterdam office is a full scope office and includes HR, legal, support, development, product management, and business analytics departments.  From Amsterdam, Advise Technologies is able to connect with the financial sector in continental Europe – building products for Europe in Europe. 

The firm is looking to tap into increasing demand for MiFID II systems while continuing to offer support for other regulatory forms, such as AIFMD and Solvency II. MiFID II reporting will be built in Amsterdam. 

FinTech in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s role as a FinTech hub continues to grow. Earlier this month, the Dutch government appointed Willem Vermeend, professor in Economics and former minister of social affairs and employment, as the first official FinTech Ambassador for the Netherlands.