AAR in Amsterdam 

AAR Aircraft Component Services, a company that provides aviation services to airlines, manufacturers and governments, has expanded and updated its hydraulic repair facility in Amsterdam in response to rising demand. The renovation of the facility means state-of-the-art new testing equipment and the hiring of additional personnel. The updates have more than doubled the facility’s capacity to work on a longer list of parts and systems. AAR’s parts are used on various aircraft from Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier and others.

“This refresh propels ACS–Amsterdamto the leading edge of hydraulic component repair and overhaul for commercial aircraft,” said Salvatore Cristofori, the director of sales & commercial operations at ACS–Amsterdam. “As important as our advanced machinery are our people. They are the backbone of our success in meeting rising demand.”

AAR, based in the Unites States, employs more than 4,500 people in over 20 countries. They provide aviation services such as aircraft maintenance and parts distribution. The company’s Dutch branch is based in Hoofddorp, and specialises in the overhaul, repair and maintenance of aircraft components. 

Amsterdam an aviation hub

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol provides 323 flight connections to airports in 98 countries, provided by airlines from all over the world. This makes Schiphol one of the four main European airports, and the third largest European airport in terms of cargo. It is supported by a wide rail and road transport network, and is also close to the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This network offers easy access to all main European markets, for passengers as well as cargo. Schiphol is also a major driver of the local economy in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, generating jobs for more than 64,000 people. Leading international companies such as Bombardier, GE Aviation, Mitsubishi Aircraft and CAE have set up operations at Schiphol.