Missed Amsterdam’s startup events in May 2016? Here’s a hyperlinked recap to help you feel (and sound) as if you were there.

Monday 23 May

The Next Women Innovation Summit not only brought inspirational words from Queen Maxima and special envoy Neelie Kroes, there were entrepreneurial women all around ready to “rev up the gear”.

Tuesday 24 May

Visitors had clearly dressed up in their finery for the Grand Opening of Startup Fest Europe – a grand occasion indeed. The stage, with chairs looking like something out of Game of Thrones, was graced by the presence of tech leaders such as Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt, Nathan Blecharczyk and Travis Kalanick. All of their keynotes can be viewed online. Not all of these men told us something new, although Tim Cook’s mention of a 17th-century artwork to illustrate the Dutch status as early adopters was original (Tim Cook discovers iPhone in painting from 1670), as was Travis Kalanick’s announcement of the Uber Pitch. Of course, StartupDelta had breaking news of its own: Prince Constantijn will take up the baton as special startup envoy of the Netherlands and Minister Kamp announced a liberalisation of startup policies.

Wednesday 25 May

With E-commerce Live, the FinTech Stage, the Young Creators Summit, Crowdfunding Day, Launchpad Meetups and many smaller events nobody’s going to believe you went to all of today’s events. Check the StartupAmsterdam YouTube channel to catch some of it and mention these 10 brilliant IoT hacks presented at the TNW Hack Battle.

Thursday 26 May

Another day that was likely to trigger your FOMO. Startup Fest Europe featured specialised events such as Energy Fest, Digital Marketing Live! and FinTech Day. Prizes were awarded at the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award finale and the Dutch Interactive Awards, while at the west side of the city, The Next Web Conference was kicked off with a bang. Of course there were kick-ass speakers, who can be viewed on YouTube, the announcement of EQT Ventures’ new fund of 566 million Euro for EU startups (with Kees Koolen, former CEO of Booking.com and now advisor to Uber) and the announcement of the Tech5 winner.

Friday 27 May

Casey Neistat’s suave mode of transportation to the conference summarises the vibe of The Next Web to a tee. But it can’t all be swagger, as demonstrated in TNW founder Boris’ post of the most embarrassing moments of the week... Anyway, if anything, this week made it clear that Amsterdam’s startup scene is about more than “making an app and a quick buck.”

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