Business networks

WeWork announced the opening of the new workspace in Amsterdam on Twitter in March 2015 and, in another post, praised the startup scene in Amsterdam as booming. The company was founded in New York in 2010 and attracts many other startups due to its particular approach to sharing workspaces: WeWork aims to build both physical and virtual networks of businesses that choose to work from WeWork offices around the world. Entrepreneurs that rent office space at WeWork are referred to as  members.

Boom in shared workspaces

WeWork is not the only company offering shared workspaces for startups in Amsterdam. According to Silicon Canals, which ran an article about WeWork in April 2015, several hotspots for promising startups have emerged in Amsterdam, providing professionals with inspiring workspaces at top-notch locations in the city. The demand is high: Amsterdam is home to a large pool of promising startups and a vibrant startup scene, and according to WeWork, their one-person ‘hot desks’ were fully booked upon opening.

Hotspot for startups

Amsterdam’s excellent conditions for startups have not gone unnoticed by the international business community. Recently, the British Financial Times described Amsterdam as “a modern-day refuge for the startup crowd,” praising the “can-do approach” of the Dutch and the fact that non-Dutch speakers find it easy to work and live in the city. Amsterdam’s vibrant startup scene has attracted the attention of investors and several local startups have recently received funding. Amsterdam-based payment startup Adyen, for instance, recently secured $250 million from investors. Other examples of startups to have received funding are WeTransfer, TravelBird and Peerby.