Mobile leader, based in Amsterdam

According to a blog post by the Uber team, the new mobile engineering and product development unit will be based at Uber’s international headquarters, which is already based in Amsterdam. Some of the best and brightest app developers from Amsterdam have already been hired to further develop the Uber app. Ten developers from the Amsterdam-based start up Moop have been hired by Uber to join the new unit in Amsterdam. Conrad Whelan, Uber’s most senior developer, has already moved from San Francisco to Amsterdam. From here, Uber aims to expand the new unit to about 30 people. The company is confident to find the best and brightest engineering and design talent to make that happen in Amsterdam, stating: “With Europe’s history as a mobile leader, and our HQ located in the central, industrious and innovative country that is the Netherlands, we couldn’t be more pumped about the future of this growing team.”

Hotbed for start-ups

The news reflects the reputation of Amsterdam as a hotspot for promising start-ups and talented app developers. Dom Sagolla, one of the co-founders of Twitter, has praised Amsterdam for creating a great culture for app makers. He noted the excellent ecosystem for software development in Amsterdam, mentioning the weekly networking opportunities, great contacts with Silicon Valley, the lifestyle of cycling and the fearlessness of developers here. Many other renowned entrepreneurs have described how the socially progressive attitudes in the Netherlands contribute to Amsterdam’s position as one of Europe’s hottest digital capitals.