Successful in the Netherlands

In an interview with Dutch news provider (in Dutch), Tony Wang, Twitter’s general manager in the UK, noted that the principle reason behind the choice to establish in the Amsterdam Area is Twitter’s success in the Netherlands. Although the company doesn’t provide exact numbers on the profitability of different countries, estimates suggest that approximately three million Dutch users are active on the platform.

Sales office

Twitter’s new base in Amsterdam will be used as a sales office. From here, advertising space will be sold to diverse Dutch companies. More than 40% of all businesses (with at least 10 employees) in the Netherlands use social media, according to the latest numbers from Statistics Netherlands (CBS, December 2012). The majority of companies use their social media accounts for marketing and communication purposes.

Digital nation

Almost the entire population of Dutch internet users access social media (96%). The Netherlands also has an exceptionally high representation among the social networking sites Twitter and LinkedIn, ranking number one among all countries in internet penetration for these sites. More than one-in-four Dutch internet users visits these sites every month. While the top 10 countries in LinkedIn penetration are either English-speaking or in Western Europe, the top countries for Twitter usage occurred across the five major global regions.

Frontrunners in social media

The fact that more and more organisations in the Netherlands are using social media can be explained by research from comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world. It has recorded that the Netherlands has the highest penetration of social media use in the world. Mike Read, managing director of comScore Europe, said, "Another interesting facet to this market is that the Netherlands has the highest Internet penetration worldwide for two of the other key global social networking sites, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Netherlands is in many ways a nexus of global social networking behaviour.”