The results are in from the most recent edition of Allianz's Global Wealth Report. The report analyses the financial situation of private households in more than 50 countries.

Dutch household assets on the rise

According to the report, Dutch households have financial assets amounting to about €78,000 on average, which places them sixth on the overall global list. Before taxes, that amount increases to €126,700, a category in which the Netherlands comes in at fourth place. In both categories, the Netherlands has jumped two places since the year 2000. As the Dutch news site reports (in Dutch), the Netherlands’ rise in the rankings can largely be attributed to increases in pension assets.

The Netherlands enjoys a stable economy

Over the past ten years, the division of wealth in the Netherlands has stayed more or less the same, which attests to the country's overall stability. This solid performance contrasts greatly with that of other European countries, which have seen their rankings drop considerably since the crisis, and have yet to fully recover. The Netherlands, on the other hand, is now one of only two Eurozone countries on the list, thanks largely to its well-managed pension system.

The high ranking of the Netherlands indicates that it has weathered the crisis better than some of its neighbours, and remains a safe country for business and investments.