Home to fast internet

According to the data, nine in 10 people in the Netherlands access the internet every day. The country’s extremely fast and reliable internet connections encourage people to engage in more online activities such as online shopping and watching television, CBS writes in a press release. Home to the largest data transport hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), Amsterdam has one of the most impressive digital infrastructures in Europe. The Netherlands is renowned for having one of the fastest average broadband speeds in the world and has one of the highest rankings of broadband penetration in Europe. According to CBS, more than 90% of all households have internet access with a broadband connection.

Profitable for business

This in turn prompts more internet activities. Online banking, for example, has been widely accepted in the Netherlands for years, with 86% of internet users managing all or part of their financial affairs online. Companies engaging in online retail profit from the outstanding digital connections here as well and have become increasingly popular. In 2014 the percentage of online shoppers rose to 77%. 

Home to talent in tech

The fact that the Dutch are such a tech-savvy nation has also resulted in a pool of talented ICT professionals. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is home to a pool of 250,000 experienced  ICT professionals, and 55% of them hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Many companies come here to tap into this attractive labour pool. Recently Uber expanded its operations in Amsterdam by establishing a team of app developers. The company is confident to find the best and brightest engineering and design talent to make that happen in Amsterdam, stating: “With Europe’s history as a mobile leader, and our HQ located in the central, industrious and innovative country that is the Netherlands, we couldn’t be more pumped about the future of this growing team.”