Outstanding office

The building is called ‘The Edge’ and is located in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. The building achieved a BREEAM new construction certification of ‘Outstanding’. The building is energy neutral due to many innovative techniques. This makes it the most sustainable office building in the world. The previous title holder was One Embankment Place in London. Occupants can regulate the light and climate in their personal workspace with their smartphones, saving energy costs and generating useful data that drives overall efficiency. On the outside, all surfaces of the south façade that are not windows are covered with solar panels. Furthermore, an aquifer thermal energy storage (approximately 130 metres below the ground) generates all energy required for heating and cooling the building.

Continuing to evolve

In a statement Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of OVG Real Estate – the developer of the building – commented: “Whilst we are proud that The Edge has set a new benchmark that we hope others will adopt, we will continue to look for new ways to ensure that the buildings we develop are constantly evolving. Sustainability is about more than a great sustainability rating. It is also about a building’s overall comfort and efficiency for its occupiers, so that they can operate with ease in a productive and healthy environment.”

Zuidas: the financial district of Amsterdam

The Zuidas is a modern, easily accessible city district, with plenty of space for living, working and entertainment, all encompassed in a cosmopolitan and world-class setting. The area is just six minutes by train from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and less than 10 minutes by tram and metro from the historical city centre of Amsterdam. Many financial and business services companies are located in the Zuidas, including Accenture, ING Group, Akzo Nobel and Baker & McKenzie.