Amsterdam: a key telecommunications hub

In telecom, a point-of-presence is an access point from one place to the rest of the internet. Typically, large telcos have more than one PoP. Telstra has access to more than 1,900 PoPs worldwide.The company announced the news on their website stating that its new group of PoPs was set up within four months. The company adds in a statement: “Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris are key business hubs and the launch of PoPs in these cities brings our total on-net presence to six in the European region, which forms an important part of our strategic expansion into Western Europe, enhancing our ability to serve our customers in this region. These will also act as an aggregation point for customers wishing to connect with growth opportunities in Asia Pacific and Australia.”  

Enterprise Productivity in the 21st Century event

That Amsterdam is an important business hub for Telstra is also reflected in the fact that the company will host an event here. On 18 February 2014, Telstra will host their ‘Enterprise Productivity in the 21st Century’ event in Amsterdam. During this one-day event, participants can learn how established enterprises can embrace disruptive technologies, become 'learning organisations' and drive collaboration across business units and geographies. You can register and learn more about the event on the Telstra Global website.