The Big Questions tackled in Amsterdam

The conference will be held in Amsterdam’s Stadsschouwburg, and this year’s theme is “Big Questions”. 

TEDx Amsterdam is a localized version of the popular TED format from the US, in which innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and scientists give inspiring and powerful talks that last 18 minutes or less. Over the past five years, the Amsterdam event has grown into one of the Netherlands’ most influential gatherings. TEDx Amsterdam is an initiative of the Dutch author and innovation consultant Jim Stolze, who was a speaker at TED 2009. 

TEDx Amsterdam returning to Schiphol 

After a successful pilot in 2014, Schiphol Real Estate is again partnering with TEDx Amsterdam, and will be hosting another TEDx Amsterdam side event at Schiphol on the same day as the conference. It will be an ideal occasion to meet and network with other members of the Schiphol Community. The event will be held at a loft space on one of the top floors of the Schiphol building The Base (link in Dutch), which is in the very heart of the Schiphol Central Business District.

The idea was to bring the ideas of TEDx Amsterdam beyond the city centre, and into the greater Amsterdam area. The audience consists mainly of international professionals who work at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. About 500 companies are currently based at Schiphol, including LinkedIn, Microsoft, Cargill, Danone, and KLM, making Schiphol one of the most active work environments in Europe.

The main program of the 2015 TEDx Amsterdam conference will take place from 10:00 to 19:00, followed by an evening program. The live event is completely booked, but several live-streaming events are planned for those who cannot attend the conference in person.