Gateway to Europe

From Amsterdam, the company hopes to further grow its customer base in Europe. Establishing an office in Amsterdam allows Tarantula to provide better support to its customers in Europe, where Tarantula has a growing customer base including international tower companies, telecom operators and clients that maintain specialised networks for emergency services. 

A regional base 

In a press release Udhay Mathialagan, CEO of Tarantula, said: “We are pleased to announce the establishment of our new European headquarters. This office will provide a regional base for our existing European customers, help in attracting multinational talent and open up avenues for new customer relationships. This office will work closely with our headquarters in Singapore and our R&D centre in India. We look forward to deepening our presence in Europe.”

Strategic geographical location

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is an optimal base from which organisations like Tarantula can expand their customer base in Europe. The Netherlands is renowned for its open economy and for strongly supporting international trade. And thanks to the Amsterdam Area's strategic geographical location, the region has always been a major transit hub for people, goods, capital and services, to and from the 350 million potential customers on the European continent.

Digital hub 

What’s more, the Amsterdam Area is exceptionally well connected digitally. The region is home to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), which is one of the world’s largest digital exchange platforms and renowned for its reliability, quality and low costs. It is therefore no surprise that various international rankings indicate that the Amsterdam Area remains a leading candidate as a location for European headquarters. In 2014, the region attracted 42 headquarters and 46 marketing & sales offices, collectively creating 947 jobs.