Pitching inside the board room

Corporates and startups are at times thought of in opposition: startups disrupt the status quo of business, and corporates attempt to restore it by acquisition. StartupAmsterdam likes to unite the two, so they can strengthen each other. The Launchpad Meetups are instrumental in this aim. In hosting a Launchpad Meetup, a leading corporate invites promising startups to pitch their business ideas inside the board room. In this second edition of Meetups the leading companies who participated were:

  • KPMG
  • KLM
  • USG people
  • EY
  • Oracle
  • Loyens & Loeff
  • Amsterdam ArenA
  • KPN
  • Achmea
  • Evoswitch
  • Arcadis
  • VIVAT Verzekeringen
  • Deloitte

The challenges they posed spanned a range of categories like retail, the social domain, travel, customer journey, communications and security.

Advantages for corporates and startups

The benefits of a Meetup go two ways. The company hosting the Meetup is introduced to new ideas and technologies, leading the way to faster innovation. During this edition, the corporates called upon innovation in, amongst others, big data, Internet of Things, fintech, legal tech and algorythms, domains that are well-known to startups. For startups, the Meetups signify validation of products and the potential of landing launching customers. KLM said, in response to this edition, that valuable connections were made and the company is eager to repeat the concept. A startup who pitched at Loyens&Loeff is confident to add them to their client base.        

Blueprint  for a Meetup

Most companies hosted in-house, according to format, while others chose well-known locations in the Amsterdam startup ecosystem like B.Amsterdam and WeWork. WeWork, in its newly opened location Metropool, generously hosted  the afterparty. Organising the Meetups in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is an initiative by StartupAmsterdam, TNW and EY. The blueprint on how to structure the Launchpad Meetup is provided by StartupAmsterdam.

If you would like to host or participate in a Launchpad Meetup, be sure to keep an eye on the Launchpad Meetups website.