The event was organised by KOTRA, a South-Korean government organisation working to promote Korea’s economic interests abroad.

Leading South Korean firms meet high-potential students

The event proved to be a success. The students had the opportunity to meet more than 10 leading South Korean firms from different industries in an informal and open setting. Amongst these companies, the following participated in the event: Korean Air, LG CNS, LG Electronics, Pantos, Samsung Electronics, SK Lubricants, SPG, and STX. While some companies were seeking students from particular, specialised fields, many also aim to employ students and graduates with various academic backgrounds and experiences. That is why KOTRA is organising an event like this in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area for the first time.

Amsterdam’s international talent pool

The Amsterdam Area is home to a large pool of internationally-oriented employees with lots of potential. For many international companies established in Amsterdam, this is one of the most important reasons to do business here. Still, it can be a challenge to find a perfect match between employer and potential employee.

Careers collaboration

That’s why this event gave students of some of the leading universities and colleges in Amsterdam – the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the VU University Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) and Inholland University of Applied Sciences – the opportunity to meet potential South Korean employers that have an office in the Netherlands. The students participated in workshops and seminars and enjoyed the opportunity to network in an open, informal setting.

Corporate social responsibility activities of Korean companies in Netherlands

This event was also meaningful for the families of Korean War veterans, adoptees from Korea and students learning the Korean language, as the idea for this event originated from the sentiment that Korean companies should contribute to the Dutch society in which they are doing business. Through this event, KOTRA and Korean companies demonstrated their deep gratitude to these groups and promised that they would communicate with them more dynamically. As a result, more than 15 students from such backgrounds participated in the event and some found direct employment.