During this successful event arranged by KOTRA (a South-Korean government organisation working to promote Korea’s economic interests abroad) they met with some of South Korea’s leading multinationals. 

Meeting leading Korean multinationals

After a very successful first edition of the event in 2014, KOTRA decided to organise a second edition this year to bring talented students from the Amsterdam area in contact with more than 10 leading South Korean firms from different industries, in an informal and open setting. Participants include Samsung, Korean Air, Hyundai Heavy Industries, LG Electronics and Hanjin. While some companies seek students from particular, specialised fields, many also aim to employ students and graduates with diverse academic backgrounds and experiences. 

Talented workforce

The fact that the Amsterdam area is home to an attractive pool of talented potential employees has compelled many Korean companies to set up an office and do business here. Last year, the career event had 92 participants. Among these participants, 20 of them were hired as interns and five of them were offered a permanent contract. This year, with larger numbers of participants and companies, an even better outcome can be expected.

The Amsterdam area is home to a huge amount of talented personnel. Eighty percent of the workforce speaks English, making Amsterdam the largest Anglophone city in continental Europe. Ninety percent of the workforce speaks two or more languages. The fact that Amsterdam is home to some 178 different nationalities makes it especially easy for internationals to feel at home here. 

The participants of the Korean Career Day also attended a range of workshops and seminars covering informational topics such as the working holiday programme between the Netherlands and Korea, revised Dutch employment and immigration law for 2015. Participants were also able to gain further insights for Korean corporate cultures, and various interview tips and techniques via provided workshops.

Making Korean expats feel at home

Korean expats easily feel at home in the Amsterdam Area due to the many facilities that are targeted specifically at them. There is a dedicated Korean school, as well as other renowned international schools, Korean restaurants and three Korean churches. There are also frequent business and expat networking events, organised in collaboration with KOTRA.