Amsterdam’s talented workforce

The company announced the news in a statement. By joining the international companies that already do business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area – by now more than 2,500 – Signium gains direct access to the attractive labour pool in the area.

The local population of the Amsterdam Area is perhaps its most important asset for various reasons: it’s multilingual (more than 80% speak English), internationally oriented and highly qualified (40% have a university or vocational college degree). When it comes to global experience, figures show that Dutch managers are surpassed only by the Swiss. And in terms of openness to other cultures and their ways of doing business, the Netherlands leads the way.

Top five business cities in Europe

The Amsterdam Area aspires to becoming one of the top five business cities in Europe, and the availability of a productive, promising workforce – in particular an international one – plays a significant role in realising this ambition. International potential employees are also pivotal when it comes to attracting new international investors to the region.