Continued investment 

Revenue increased by 8.1%: from 1,364 million euros in 2013 to 1,474 million euros in 2014. The net result amounted to 272 million euros in 2014 in comparison to 227 million euros in 2013. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol invested 396 million euros in fixed assets in the year 2014. Schiphol announced the results in a press release, in which Schiphol Group President and CEO Jos A Nijhuis commented: “These are healthy results which enable us to continue to invest in the Mainport.”

2015 plans 

Nijhuis furthermore laid out Schiphol’s plans for the coming year: “Increasing competition forces us to remain alert and to make further investments in the quality and capacity of Schiphol. Examples include the completion of the central security project in the non-Schengen area in 2015 and the A Area development of a new terminal and pier. We will also reduce the airport charges and keep them at a very competitive level. In addition to reducing costs, we are working hard to further improve efficiency and quality levels, for which we maintain a constructive dialogue with our business partners. In this way we all contribute to strengthening the Mainport and its hub function.”


Presently, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the fourth busiest airport in Europe, and the number of passengers travelling through the award-winning airport increases every year. In 2014, the airport welcomed a record number of 55 million passengers, representing a 4.6% growth in comparison to 2013. The number of passengers is expected to increase even further – to around 65 million – over the course of the next decade.

Central location

Schiphol’s central location is one of the reasons for the airport’s success. Most crucial business destinations within Europe are a mere two hours’ flight time away. Schiphol serves more than 300 destinations around the world with almost 100 airlines.