Growth hacking

“Growth hacking is a sexy word for data-driven marketing,” says co-founder Peter van Sabben. Growth hackers, who have a rare combination of marketing, data and product expertise, are in high demand with startups. However, they are hard to come by as it is a revolutionary way of doing marketing. The ‘Growth Tribe Academy’ is the first growth hacking academy in Europe and aims to tackle the imbalance in availability of skilled growth hackers.

Applicants from all over the world

The 21 candidates who were selected for this exclusive programme, will take part in classes, coaching and real projects in some of the Netherlands’ fastest growing startups: Catawiki, Bloomon, Framer, Usabilla, Peecho and Deskbookers. Not only did the academy attract students from throughout the Netherlands and Europe, it received applications from 43 countries in total, including the USA, Russia, Singapore, Iran, Argentina, Latvia and Serbia. The academy is operating in collaboration with Amsterdam’s universities which are united in the Amsterdam Center of Entrepreneurship (ACE).

Launching a part-time evening course

The overwhelming amount of applications shows the high demand for quality education in growth hacking. Due to the many requests Growth Tribe received from people with full-time jobs, the organisation is now launching an additional part time evening course. This course will start in January 2016 and will last 12 weeks.

Amsterdam’s talent pool

StartupAmsterdam is one of the partners in the Growth Tribe Academy, as the action programme aims to improve tech and startup-related training, courses and schooling. With the rapidly expanding startup community in Amsterdam it is one of StartupAmsterdam’s priorities to facilitate the best possible tech talent pool. It is the coming together of different partners in the Amsterdam startup ecosystem that defines the success of Growth Tribe’s much-needed academy. The Growth Tribe Academy is an initiative supported by StartupAmsterdam, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, Facebook, Catawiki and VC firm Peak Capital.