The new Amsterdam branch will form part of the group’s Sanderson brand, one of its specialist recruitment businesses. In a press release Nick Walrond, RSG director in charge of overseeing the EU expansion programme, said, “We believe the expansion into the Netherlands will help us support our existing customers and also create opportunities for our range of services to be brought to the wider local marketplace”.Zuidas

The new office is located in the Zuidas, Amsterdam’s financial district.  The location is home to many of RSG’s potential customers, making it an excellent choice.  A great number of financial and business services companies are located in this area, including Accenture, ING Group, Akzo Nobel and Baker & McKenzie. In addition the Zuidas is a modern, easily accessible city district, with plenty of space for living, working and entertainment, all housed in a world-class cosmopolitan setting. The area is just six minutes by train from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and less than 10 minutes by tram and metro from Amsterdam’s historic city centre. 

Access to a talented workforce

Establishing an office in Amsterdam enables RSG to tap into the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s talented workforce. The local population of the Amsterdam Area is multilingual (more than 80% speak English), internationally oriented and highly qualified (40% have a university degree or higher professional education). When it comes to global experience, figures show that Dutch managers are surpassed only by the Swiss. And in terms of openness to other cultures and ways of doing business, the Netherlands is number one.