Schiphol Logistics Park

Schiphol Logistics Park has been developed to accommodate high-quality, large-scale logistics facilities and services with operations oriented towards the airport. Specifically, this means integrators, forwarders and carriers active in such international sectors as aerospace, perishables (fresh produce such as flowers and vegetables), fashion and high-tech. With operations that include collecting, packaging and assembling, Schiphol Logistics Park provides these companies with the space they need, thereby serving both them and the aviation sector. SADC, the organisation that is developing Schiphol Logistics Park, has produced an overview of facts and figures about the park in this factsheet.

Rapid Logistics

Rapid Logistics is a logistics company focused on special consignments and fast deliveries. Therefore, establishing their office in the region of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a strategic move that will surely prove to be beneficial. 

Pharma logistics hub

Positive results have already been observed within the region. For example, The Loadstar, a British magazine about the logistics sector, has praised the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as an up-and-coming pharma logistics hub. The cooperation and collaboration between the different organisations involved is deemed critical to Amsterdam’s success in the sector.