Port of Amsterdam breaks record

The ports announced their outstanding provisional 2012 results in a press statement. In Amsterdam, transhipments increased by 3% compared to 2011 (to 77 million tons). These figures represent a new transhipment record for the Amsterdam port. The previous record dates from 2008, with a transhipment total of 76 million tons.

Fourth port in Europe

The Port of Amsterdam’s President and CEO, Dertje Meijer, notes: “Despite the sluggish economy affecting many market sectors, our port again managed to achieve growth in the past year. The 1.6% growth of the Amsterdam port region is therefore a satisfactory result. The Amsterdam port even achieved an increase of 3%. I consider this to be an excellent result, especially in view of the prevailing economic environment. We are the fourth port in Europe, after Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg. I am proud of that.”