Global expansion

In an interview published on the firm’s website, Phaidon CEO Adam Buck announces the intention to open a branch in Amsterdam in line with the company’s global growth strategy, which also includes new offices across the US, Asia and Australasia. Phaidon International currently places candidates from offices in New York, London, Zurich and Singapore.

Staffing services

Phaidon International provides staffing and recruitment services through seven subsidiaries in niche markets such as finance, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy and telecoms.

Talented labour pool

By establishing a new office in the Amsterdam Area, Phaidon gains access to the region’s large and attractive labour pool. In a recent report by the Martin Prosperity Institute, Amsterdam scored an A- on the talent index, due to the abundance of highly skilled workers living and working in the city.

Amsterdam has the highest density of knowledge workers in the Netherlands, with 44 per cent of the population having attended higher education institutions. Additionally, 80 per cent of the workforce speaks English, making Amsterdam the largest Anglophone city in continental Europe. According to the World Talent Index, the Netherlands ranks fourth in the world for attracting and developing talent, surpassing every other country on the European continent.