Gateway to Europe

Perfect World is a market leader in China’s online gaming market. Its most popular titles include Perfect World, Battle of the Immortals, Legend of Martial Arts and Zhu Xian. After a successful entry into the US market, the games publisher has also decided to further strengthen its European market position from its new data centre base in Amsterdam. The company’s European headquarters is also located in Amsterdam.

The decision to expand their presence here is a reflection of their ongoing success. As Eduard Iacoboaia, Engineering Manager at Perfect World, notes in a press statement: “Low latency and network uptime are essential requirements for successful online gaming environments. The combination of data centre quality and network environment drove our decision to migrate our operation to TelecityGroup's very newest data centre in Amsterdam, AMS 5. This new data centre will enable Perfect World to continue to deliver an outstanding gaming experience to gamers in all parts of Europe."

Gaming hotspot

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a hotspot for companies active in the gaming industry. In the triangle formed by Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam, a conservative estimate puts the number of companies actively involved in the production of virtual games – both directly or indirectly – at more than 100. Together they have a total annual turnover amounting to more than one billion euros. This makes the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area a focal point for European games technology.

International gaming and multimedia companies can very easily access the entire European market from this region. The Netherlands is often used as a test market for new games or innovative digital media concepts, before companies roll out their releases and products across Europe. With the bonus of a highly talented, multicultural population and its exceptional digital frameworks, the Amsterdam Area forms a true gaming gateway.