A reliably strong education system

South Korea topped the latest list, followed by Japan and Singapore. The highest-ranking countries from Europe were Finland (5) the United Kingdom (6) and the Netherlands (8). In the Pearson Index of cognitive skills and educational attainment, the PISA, TIMSS and PIRLS scores for reading, maths and science are used for ranking the cognitive skills category. Literacy and graduation rates are used as inputs to measure educational attainment.

Talented workforce

This high placement illustrates the attractiveness of the labour pool employers have at their disposal in the Netherlands – and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in particular. INSEAD (a business school) recently ranked the Netherlands sixth on their Global Talent Competitiveness Index. The results from this ranking suggested that the Netherlands is an attractive base for talented people to come to and develop themselves. Further research by PwC also showed that the Dutch workforce is the most adaptable in the world, meaning employees are most willing to embrace change and learn new skills.

International Talent Event 2014

To demonstrate how important talent development is for the City of Amsterdam, Mayor van der Laan will officially open the International Talent Event in Amsterdam City Hall on 16 May 2014. During this day packed with career activities, internationally oriented students can meet potential new employers.