Gateway to Europe

Optimizely, an innovative web company founded by two former Google employees, announced via its website that the company is hiring personnel for its recently opened office in Amsterdam. The company already has numerous large European clients, including British newspaper The Guardian, so establishing a new headquarters in Europe is a logical step.

Amsterdam Area ICT hub

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will surely prove to be a positive location for Optimizely, as the company joins a long list of other trendsetting ICT companies operating in the region. 60% of all Forbes 2000 companies active in ICT have established an office in the Amsterdam Area, including world players such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Tata, IBM, Oracle, Capgemini, Zarafa, Infosys and many more.

Digital Dutch

The Dutch software industry is very well developed. The Netherlands is among the top 10 worldwide markets in terms of application software products. According to data compiled by the NFIA, Dutch ICT software companies export 1.9 billion euros in software products. The industry is responsible for as many as 192,000 jobs, of which 62,000 are in software development and 14,000 in R&D.