Almere one of the largest and most active data centre markets in Europe 

Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation has officially opened its second data centre in Almere. The facility offers 11,000 square metres of space for collocation, which makes equipment and bandwidth available to retail customers. 

Almere Data Centre 2 is Keppel T&T's fourth data centre in Europe, and is one of the largest data centres to open this year in Europe. It is strategically located next to Almere Data Centre 1, Keppel’s existing data centre in the Netherlands which was built in 2008. 

Keppel T&T is a subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, a Singapore-based conglomerate that operates in the telecommunications, transport, shipping, energy, and property industries.

Almere is just 40 km away from Amsterdam, and has one of the largest and most active data centre markets in Europe. The Amsterdam region was responsible for almost one third of the total demand for colocation in Europe in 2014.

As reports, the Amsterdam area is a first-tier data centre market in Europe, with high demand due to its proximity to major European trading hubs, excellent telecommunications infrastructure, and government support.  

Green energy makes for the ideal location 

Almere was chosen as the location because of its excellent digital infrastructure, and the local availability of wind and solar energy make it the ideal place for a new data centre.

Keppel’s new data centre was built from the ground up with sustainability in mind. The waste heat generated from the data centre will be reused to heat nearby homes, and it will also make use of green energy from nearby wind turbines, as well as cooling from a local canal.