Amsterdam home to the world's smartest building

The 40,000 m2 building in Amsterdam's Zuidas district opened in 2014, and produces its own heating and cooling. Last year, the tower won the prize for the most sustainable office building in the world, with an unprecedented rating of 98.36 out of 100. 

A smartphone app connect everything

Now Bloomberg has named The Edge ‘the world’s smartest office building’. Everything about the building is connected to a smartphone app, developed by the consulting firm Deloitte, which is the building's main tenant. The app recognizes your car when you arrive, and finds you a parking spot. Because it knows what meetings you have scheduled for the day, it can find you an appropriate desk or meeting room, and adjusts it to meet your light and temperature preferences. This allows the 2,500 Deloitte employees at the site to share 1,000 desks.

Smart and sustainable

The Edge uses 70% less electricity than a typical office building, and produces more energy than it consumes. It also makes use of a special kind of LED lighting that also transmits data and monitors the environment. There’s even an onsite gym that knows your workout routine, redistributing the energy that you generate during your workout back to the grid.

A boost for the sustainable Zuidas

The Edge is a perfect sustainable addition to Amsterdam’s Zuidas; a recent study (in Dutch) showed that the buildings in the Zuidas district are 20% more energy-efficient than the average office building in the Netherlands.