A “curated community” of tech startups 

The new hub, which will be known as “X“, will open in the spring of 2016. The space, which is aimed at stimulating a more cohesive technology community in the city, will host technology startups, corporate partners, and public spaces for working, meeting, and socialising. 

By partnering with Google, X will also become home to the Google for Entrepreneurs Network in the Netherlands. X has also welcomed a number of other corporate partners, including Booking.com as global partner and ABN AMRO as founding partner. KPMG will also be opening up an innovation lab in the space.

The 6,000 square meter building is situated in the centre of Amsterdam, and will include open collaboration spaces, private offices, innovation labs, dining facilities, a basement space for events, and a publically-accessible top floor offering views across the city.

A new hub for a thriving tech city 

“The Amsterdam tech scene is thriving,” said The Next Web’s CEO Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. “Year on year, we see impressive improvements in our rankings as a global hub.”

“We think that Amsterdam’s tech community could benefit from the enthusiasm and atmosphere of our events lasting all-year round, in turn stimulating the same enthusiasm from VCs and new talent,” he said.

Google’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, James van Thiel, agreed that a physical gathering place will very much help Amsterdam’s tech scene. “It’s well known that the startup scene is vibrant here, and we think that ‘X’ will help bring the buzz of this growing ecosystem to a physical centre: something that research tells us is vital for startups,” he said. 

X will be located in the Muntstaete, a historic banking building on the canals of Amsterdam. X aims to house 120 innovative startups and 500 workspaces, and also welcome 1,000 daily visitors a day, from entrepreneurs and investors to mentors and business leaders. The space will open to the public in 2016. Startups looking for residency can apply at x.works.