Serious about sustainability in Amsterdam

The table is constructed from a new type of bioplastic that was invented by two chemistry researchers at the UvA. According to a statement from the university the two researchers discovered the 100% bioplastic by chance during trials to develop biofuel. In contrast to many other so-called bioplastics, this new formula is completely plant-based and biodegradable. Moreover, it is soluble in water, which is crucial considering that regular plastics can take centuries to dissolve. Possible applications for this new bioplastic are currently being investigated. In the newspaper Het Parool (in Dutch), the two researchers indicate that they believe their invention could be used in construction material and consumer products in the next few years. The exact formula for the 100% bioplastic will remain secret, with the UvA holding its patent. 

Green research and development

The fact that this invention was developed in Amsterdam is not so surprising. Within the Netherlands, the City of Amsterdam is a frontrunner in encouraging investment in sustainable initiatives and green research and development. Not only is the area enjoying a rapid uptake of electric transportation, a growing number of companies are developing sustainable products that are influencing global business. The launch of several subsidy schemes to promote the use of electrical vehicles has already proven to be a success and is helping to achieve the city’s ambitious environmental targets.