Amsterdam: A home to headquarters

One of the most recent examples is the newly merged advertising giant Publicis Omnicom, which is set to locate its headquarters in Amsterdam. The official reason the group offered is because it considers Amsterdam to be “neutral territory”. This underpins the notion that the Dutch have a relatively ‘neutral position’ from a political viewpoint, allowing Amsterdam-based agencies to easily work with international clients.

However, the Netherlands is also attractive from a fiscal viewpoint, particularly as companies can opt for either a single or two-tier board, as Paul Cronheim, partner at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, highlights in the newspaper article (in Dutch).

Exceptional service providers

The Amsterdam Area has been a popular location for headquarters for a number of years. In 2012, 25 international companies established their headquarters in the region, accounting for 972 new jobs. Besides factors such as the neutrality and the fiscal-friendly climate, multinationals find a wide range of internationally-oriented business service providers in the region. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area hosts a large and diverse pool of professional service providers and hundreds of companies in the fields of finance, media, ICT, advertising, venture capital and shared services. Another major selling point for international companies is the excellent accessibility provided by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.