Well-positioned on the global rankings

The City of Amsterdam had long aspired to claim a place in the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, and in July of this year they did just that. How did they pull it off? A new article in the Dutch-language business magazine Baaz examines the reasons behind Amsterdam’s startup success.

Amsterdam is where the talent is

As Sjoerd Leemhuis, the co-founder of local startup Owlin explains, his company is now in an expansion phase, which makes being in Amsterdam more important than ever. “We are now recruiting internationally, and you need to provide people with a good environment,” he said. “It helps if you're in a recognizable city.”

“There are more like-minded people here, who are closer by and thus more likely to come by for a meeting. I can also go to meetings by bike,” he said.

Amsterdam is where the money is

Securing financing can be difficult for any new startup, but Amsterdam makes it easier due to its abundance of crowdfunding options. According to figures from the crowdfunding consultancy Douw&Koren, there are more crowdfunding campaigns in Amsterdam than anywhere else in the Netherlands. As Douw&Koren co-founder Gijsbert Koren explains, “People in Amsterdam adopt these things faster. They are more focused on innovation.”

For startups in particular, he added, “Crowdfunding is very interesting way to test whether potential customers are interested in what they have to offer. And not only interested, but in fact so interested that they’re also willing to invest. That also makes it a very strong signal for future investors.”

The most attractive startup city in Europe

Ultimately, Amsterdam’s high quality of life makes it eminently popular among new startups. As Remco Janssen, the founder of startup news site Silicon Canals explains, “Amsterdam is the most attractive startup city in Europe. It’s green, the canals are beautiful, we have a good work-life balance, and people are open to doing business.”