Starting in September, about 30 employees will operate out of an office in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. In addition to the CEO of Apollo Vredestein B.V., Mathias Heimann, these employees will include managers and staff from the marketing, financial, sales, and human resources departments. The company will maintain its production facilities in Enschede, where about 1400 people work.

Amsterdam: a highly-skilled workforce, and Schiphol

According to the Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad, one of the main reasons behind the move was Amsterdam’s highly-skilled workforce, which will make it easier for Apollo Vredestein to fill high-level positions. The city’s proximity to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol also played a role. And Apollo Vredestein’s international growth makes Amsterdam an ideal location. 

International tyre giant

In 2009, the Dutch company Vredestein became a subsidiary of the Indian tyre concern Apollo Tyres, which has annual revenues of about €3 billion. Apollo Vredestein produces about 600 different types of tyres in the Netherlands, mainly for automobiles but also for trucks and agricultural vehicles. Vredestein makes about 6 million tyres in the Netherlands every year.