Coding in curriculum

In its aim to make coding a commonplace component in all Amsterdam school curriculums, StartupAmsterdam works together with the foundation CodeUur. Their mission is to teach all children in the Netherlands how to code, as coding is the language of the future.

Students as teachers

The Ma students will regularly act as coding teachers in Amsterdam’s primary schools. One young pupil could hardly believe it when a media college student explained he had to code for his studies: “Are you allowed to work on the computer the whole day?!” Technology and the internet have a great appeal on children, the coding lessons can teach them how to be active, rather than passive, users.

Sharing knowledge

The formula of young college students teaching young pupils is a successful one. Programme director at the Mediacollege, Hugo Verlaat, believes in the importance of educating young kids in code. "A sub-goal is also, of course, to present our students with a rich learning experience. To share knowledge is integral to this innovative professional domain, it is the only way to get it ahead. It is wonderful that our students can now share what they know with these kids.”