StartupAmsterdam, TNW and EY

Launchpad Meetups are organised globally by passionate entrepreneurs and leaders on a mission to connect disrupting startups with innovative multinationals. StartupAmsterdam, EY and TNW are the driving force behind the Amsterdam-based Launchpad Meetups, with StartupAmsterdam leading the December batch. The Meetups are hosted by the participating corporates, who will invite three startups to share their vision on necessary innovation. With the Launchpad Meetups, multinationals showcase that they are eager for new technologies and committed to opening their network and that they are part of the startup ecosystem by working together with startups.


Startups application and selection

Startups may apply for  the Launchpad Meetups, after which the hosting corporates select three startups that match their profile and predefined challenge. During a typical Meetup, the corporate team will elaborate on the challenge their business faces, after which the three startups pitch ideas on innovative solutions. More information can be found on the Launchpad Meetups website or on the Launchpad Meetup Facebook page.

Open-sourced blueprint

StartupAmsterdam has created an open-sourced blueprint that helps organisers put together a Launchpad Meetup connecting disrupting startup technology with corporations in search for new solutions. The mission is to spark new partnerships, encourage the sharing of knowledge and support the growth of the technology ecosystem.