Serving the European market from Amsterdam

The company announced in a press statement that they have opened a field office in Amsterdam to serve the increased demand for its products in Europe. Phil Rugani, VP of Sales, Halogen Software comments: “We’ve expanded into the Netherlands to better serve this region and to ensure we’re providing our customers with the world-class customer experience Halogen is known for.” Halogen also indicates that they see increased demand for their products in Western Europe, meaning Amsterdam is the perfect area from which to serve their European customers. 

An optimal Base

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is an optimal base from which growing organisations like Halogen can enter or expand into the EMEA region. The Netherlands is renowned for its open economy and for strongly supporting international trade. And thanks to the Amsterdam Area's strategic geographical location, the region has always been a major transit hub for people, goods, capital and services, to and from the 350 million potential customers on the European continent.

What’s more, the Amsterdam Area is very well connected digitally. The region is home to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), which is one of the world’s largest digital exchange platforms, renowned for its reliability, quality and low costs.